How to Choose A Blog Niche (And Best Profitable Niche Ideas)

How to Choose A Blog Niche (And Best Profitable Niche Ideas)

If you’re reading this article, it means that you like the idea of ​​starting a blog or you are just planning to start a blog. But… not sure what to write about.

Follow your passion. Find a niche that you truly love.

This is the general advice you usually get from great advice experts.

But, it’s not enough.

The key to building a successful blogging business is finding a right and profitable blog niche.

Finding a profitable blog niche is REALLY hard. It’s one of the hardest parts of staring a blog. But don’t worry. I’m here to help to choose a perfect niche for your new blog.

You’ll need to pick a blog niche in the middle of the competition. Otherwise, your blog will be beaten by high authority websites in your selected niche. If you pick a smaller blog niche with no demand and earning potential, monetizing can be difficult. So, you need to choose a niche in the middle and that can also be easily monetized.

5 Tips for Finding Your Profitable Blog Niche

At LWS101, we teach beginners how to build brand blogging businesses almost any niche. In this article, we will give you some practical tips on how to choose a blog niche that can generate traffic to your blog and ultimately turn it into a successful revenue stream.

1. Pick a topic you enjoy talking about

Would you like to write more than 50 articles on the topic you are going to choose for a year from now?

Setting up a blog is a fun process. When it comes article writing, it’s a boring work.

Then, there is a drop off.

Many new bloggers start blogging by looking at other blogs. But they have no interest in writing in the long run. They simply copy and paste the content of other blogs. Actually, it’s a huge mistake and it doesn’t work. So, they quit blogging after couple of months.

Persistence is key of success.

So, it’s important to choose a profitable blog niche that you absolutely love to write about.

Here is a quick test to make sure you pick an interesting niche to write about. Take a pen and paper. Brainstorm and write down 20 blog topic ideas that come to your mind. This exercise should help you to pick the best niche for your blog.

2. Do market research

Is there enough audience who want to hear about your topic?

Let’s do a small market research to find out.

There is a tool called Google Trend. It’s a free tool to analyze to current global trend. Here is all you need to do.

  1. Think about the search phrase of your niche.
  2. Go to Google Trend.
  3. Type your phrase and hit enter.

In my case, I use “gym wear” as the search term.

Google Trend Gym Wear Interest Over Time

This step is important because this Google Trends report will show you whether the interest in your topic is stable, rising or declining over time. As you can see, the trend for the gym wear has been steady over the past 12 months, and Google predicts it will increase in the coming months. This means that you have a big enough audience to drive traffic to your blog in the years to come.

You can filter the trend by country, category, and search network. Also, you can compare multiple queries at same time.

3. Check the size of your niche

Even if you have a brilliant blog idea, be sure to check the potential niche size. Otherwise you will have to struggle to attract enough people. You don’t want your blog niche to be too small or too big.

So, how to check the size of your niche. It’s easy. Follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Brainstorm a list of keywords related to your niche.

In my case, I use following keywords.

  • Gym wear for men
  • Gym wear for women
  • Fashion gym wear
  • Plus size gym wear
  • Workout clothes

Step 2

Then, take those ideas and plug them into Google AdWords Keyword Planer to analyze the search terms.

Google AdWords Keyword Planer Results For Gym Wear

The term “gym wear” appears to be a great niche for a blog. It receives around 500,000 average searches per month.

4. Do a little keyword research to identify the potential competition

It’s a good sign if you have a competition. It means others are talking and interested about your niche and pursue it. Other bloggers aren’t just your competition—they can also be your collaborators.

As I said before, you can analyze the competition for your keywords using Google AdWords Keyword Planer. Also, you can google your queries and check how many results appeared for your search term.

check how many results appeared for your search term

The greater the number of results, the more competition there is. So, be sure to pick the medium or low competition keywords to target.

If you use Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you will see that there are plenty of other less competitive keywords. This means that you have a lot of less competitive keywords to for your blog posts.

5. Make sure your blog niche is profitable

Can you make money from this niche?

Almost every startup blogger starts blogging in hopes of making some extra money. But they have no idea how to make money from it. If your blog can’t produce the income you desire, it really hurts.

First of all, how to make money blogging? There are several common ways bloggers use it to generate their income.

  1. Affiliate marketing – earning a commission by promoting others’ products.
  2. Advertising – add banner adverts to your blog.
  3. Selling online courses, eBooks, freelance services etc.
  4. Consulting services
  5. Sponsored content – articles, product reviews, contextual links etc.
  6. Sponsored social media posts.

Now you have a simple idea of ​​how to make money blogging. There is an easy way to check whether you blog niche is profitable or not. Google your top keywords related to your selected niche. If you can see the Google AdWords ads, if you see Google AdWords ads, people spend money on advertising to target specific keywords. Then you’ve chose the right blog niche.

Google AdWords ads for specific keywords

Also, you need to research the following:

  • Do your competitors sell products on their website?
  • Do your competitors use banner ads or Google AdSense to monetize their blogs?
  • Are there affiliate offers in your niche? Check out,, and Amazon affiliates.
  • Do a Google search for “your keyword + affiliate programs.”

These points will help you determine if you can set up a blog that will help you generate revenue.

You now have a validation process for all the topics listed at the first place. You should have a clear idea of ​​the niche size, competition and potential of earning money for each niche. Then you can make the final decision.

Still Struggling With Your Blog Niche?

Still Struggling With Your Niche

If you’re still struggling with choosing a best profitable niche, don worry. Here is an ultimate list of profitable niche ideas to get you started.

Art – the art niche contains blogs focused around the visual arts world.

Blogging – writing about building a blog that attracts huge audience.

Career – finding a perfect job, being successful, building a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Crafts – blogging about craft projects to inspire and help people who like to make stuff with their hands.

DIY – teaching people on how to create, repair things without the aid of expensive professionals.

Fashion – writing about new outfit ideas and keep people up to date with all the latest fashion trends.

Filmmaking – helping aspiring filmmakers master the art of film and/or video production.

Fitness – share tips and exercises to help people get their desired body shape.

Food and Drink – share all sorts of recipes for delicious dishes and drinks.

Gardening – teach people how to create a beautiful garden for their home.

Interior Design – share articles on creating beautiful and stylish homes through interior design.

Marketing – art of promoting and selling products or services.

Business – help people start their own business and make it turn a profit.

Personal Finance – writing about how to manage people’s money so they’re more financially secure.

Pets – sharing interesting facts and advices for pet lovers.

Productivity – share tips and trick on how to save time and work efficiently.

Photography – writing about the art of taking beautiful pictures with your camera.

SEO – advice on how to increase the ranks of search engines so they can get more traffic.

Social Media – tactical use of social media to boost your brand and gain more sales.

Travel – sharing the adventures and travel tips.

 Web Design – sharing tips and tutorials related to the designing websites and web applications.

Writing – help aspiring, and professional writers sharpen their skills and make a (better) living.

Over To You

Don’t jump into blogging without a proper plan. Be sure to choose a profitable niche by following the checklist above. Your niche choice is something you like and want to write for years to come.

Want to Start Your Blog (the Right Way)?

Check out my guides on How Much Does It Cost to Build a Blog and How to Start a Blog (on the Side).

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  1. Before Starting A Profitable blog it is very important to select niche.
    And then come all the strategies and planning to make the niche profitable.
    Thanks For This Awesome Article, Anyone can get clear idea about choosing best and profitable niche .

  2. Thanks for sharing such an informative article about Niche. I want to make a blog on food. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, I’m going to start an online food delivery restaurant. Your article will provide me good help. Thanks again.

  3. You gave us lots of information, along with examples that are very helpful for me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I just starting my new blog, will soon be applying what you mentioned in this write up, will update you here in the comments.

  5. Lots of great advice. I have passion. I write about my passion. I have a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to my passion, and every day I live my passion and make new discoveries about my passion. I use my passion to help other people who enjoy my passion to save money on things they need so they can also enjoy the same passion. So, find your passion, and live your passion. That will help you to be able to write about your passion.

  6. Choosing the perfect blog niche is the hardest part of a blogging career. Most of the bloggers jump into a profitable niche that is also a highly competitive one and eventually fail to prove their presence.

    The best idea is to choose a micro-niche under the parent niche that is less competitive.

    Nice insightful article indeed! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi!
    Thanks for the article!
    In fact, I see that many people just begin a new blog, but without think for what or for who!
    It’s very important to talk about something that you know well!

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  9. Oh Niche, one of my biggest challenge and i’m still facing it till this very moment but this post has done a lot more good than harm to me regarding that aspect. Thanks alot…

  10. Blog niches are evolving and changing over time. I remember when I first started blogging over 10 years ago and it was not a thing. Then it was just lifestyle or parenting etc. Now there is thousands! Even ones you would never think about. I try to keep up to date when creating new sites. This is actually really helpful for an idea I have, thanks!

  11. Nice Guide! Finding a niche can be super tough. I think you can find ways to make money on any niche, though some are admittedly harder than others. However, the hardest part is finding something you actually enjoy enough to think about that often. You have to keep in mind it will also absorb time that you would have otherwise spent thinking about or working on other things you enjoy as well.

  12. Great article. I usually use Google’s drop down suggestion box for keyword ideas. Google will naturally select the most searched ones. And if the top search results turn out to be not so relevant, or sites with little “authority”, then it implies a high demand, low competition scenario.

  13. Thanks, this is helpful. What do you think the right trade-off is between depth and breadth for picking a niche? For example, is “money” the right level of focus, or should one focus narrower, like “personal finance” or even “personal finance for parents”?

    I worry that on one hand, if you get too narrow you run the risk of running out of things to say. But, on the other hand, if you’re not reasonably focused, you may risk not having a coherent enough theme to attract an audience.


  14. This has given me some food for thought. I think you’re right… you have to pick something you’re going to enjoy writing about, but sometimes it’s hard to see how that thing can become profitable. Finding a niche you love that will bring in cash really is the dream combination!

  15. I’ve spent a year writing for a blog that was only for passion, then stumbled across advices like this, to look for more info and see if the niche is profitable.

    Results are that I was in a bad niche, but now I’m starting to get in the right path. You guys wouldn’t believe how much traffic I’m already getting after the first month of blogging.

    I’ll surely use your advice to narrow down inside my own niche and find something no one else is talking about.

  16. I never had a niche and with one blog, I still don’t really! Mine is a mixture of a few things, I guess it could be lifestyle?
    I have considered making it more niche related but not sure what direction to go in. This has given me food for thought

  17. I’m new to blogging and don’t really have a defined niche. I know that’s bad but I really like your tip about looking for Google Adwords when searching your keywords. I never thought of that.


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