How To Start A Blog On A Small Budget

How To Start A Blog On A Small Budget

Starting a blog can be tricky but to start a blog on a budget is not hard to do. It’s definitely not hard to do or setup but most often if you’re not really into blogging or if you just started it just for the sake of doing so, you may end up leaving it behind.

Just a tip, if you are thinking of starting a blog for any reason, make sure you have a purpose to begin with and try to keep it updated as much as possible.

Of course, there are many questions on how to start a blog. First, you need to choose a platform for your blog and the most convenient platform to use is WordPress. Even if you have little to no experience in web design, coding or development, starting a blog with WordPress is one of the smartest moves you can make.

Let me share with you the steps on how to start a WordPress blog with Hostinger.

5 Steps to Start a WordPress Blog with Hostinger

It is really great that you are searching for ways on how to create your own blog. It just shows your eagerness to learn on how to start it right, and you definitely came to the right place. Simply follow the steps below for a smooth blog creation.

Step 1: Choose a blog niche

Before getting into the specifics you need to visualize first what content you’ll be writing about. As I have mentioned earlier, you need to have a purpose for creating one. Writing a successful blog on a budget should not limit your creativity and it can also benefit you a lot.

Some benefits of creating a blog:

  • Freedom of expression. Some people uses a blog as their online journal or diary where they can freely express their thoughts and ideas. It also allows exchange of ideas, opinion and knowledge.
  • Exposure. Blogs can be used as a tool to gain exposure online. It can work as a portfolio which allows people to showcase their expertise and skills which is best for freelancers and job seekers. Also, it is great for businesses to promote their products and services which can help people to get to know the company better.
  • Get new customers. In relation to exposure, when your blog gets a lot of views and visitors it now becomes a platform to acquire new customers. It can help in generating sales and improving conversion.
  • Search engine ranking. If you are very new to blogging, now is the time you know that it helps in improving your rank in search engines. If you have quality content and you have a stable flow of online traffic, it will better help you achieve your purpose of starting one.

Step 2: Pick your blog’s name

Choosing a blog name is something you need to think about. The name of your blog will be the first thing a visitor will see and remember. It serves as your identification online.

You need to take time in naming it into something that people will easily remember and that will represent what you are planning to offer. You wouldn’t want to regret naming it after a few months just because you chose something randomly or pick it in a whim.

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In picking a blog name you should try to do the following:

You want your blog name to be a permanent identity of your blog and this is for you to avoid unnecessary work in the long run of changing every name associated with it like domain name, email, and social media accounts.

  • Keep it simple but catchy. Simple yet catchy. There are just certain blog or website names that you can’t forget and majority of those are short, interesting names. Avoid choosing generic names that is too long, obvious, and boring. Let your blog stand out and make it memorable!
  • Using your own name. Well, it’s not a bad idea to use your own name for your blog but it’s definitely not the best. If the blog is going to serve as your portfolio or a business that will only revolve about you then go ahead and do so. Aside from that, I recommend to explore other options.
  • Widen your horizon. Don’t limit yourself by sticking on a specific niche. It may be narrow scope for a niche. Your blog name is great to be specific but not too much. It will prevent you in the long run in writing about other topics related to that. Don’t let your blog name stop you from growing.
  • Trademarks and brand names. Avoid using these due to a possible copyright issue. It’s better to go for generic terms describing the brand you want to blog about plus it will not limit you to that specific brand or trademark in the future.
  • Is the domain available. This is very important and probably the best reason why you need to choose an awesome blog name. Most likely too generic blog names are already taken, so you really need to brainstorm about it. One way you can check its availability is through Hostinger. They have a domain checker tool that will help you in finding unique domain names.

Step 3: Purchase hosting and domain name

“I thought WordPress is free?” If that ran into your thoughts, yes it is! You can start a blog for free with WordPress but your blog will just be a part of their domain.

For example, “” compared to “”. WordPress is free since you are the one responsible for hosting and for setting it up.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress website is a great blogging platform but if you wish to have a blog that just shows your name and more personalized you will need to get the cheapest way to start a blog.

Lucky for you, there are many hosting providers you can choose from and I will only recommend the best and affordable web hosting provider in the industry which is Hostinger.

I mentioned earlier that you can check domain availability from their website. Once that your done with your quest of searching for that perfect domain name you are all set to get your hosting plan and register your domain name.

What is hosting?

Hosting is like a file storage or a place where all your files are placed in when you create and manage your website. It is a server to be exact. Just like any business space, you need to rent it out.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an internet address or website title. This is how people look you up instead of using a series of numbers that represent your website IP address. Think of it as a contact saved on your phone the name of the contact serves as the domain name while the contacts’ number is the IP address. It makes everything easier to search and remember it.

Now that you know the difference between a hosting and a domain name. You can now choose the best hosting provider.

But why should you choose Hostinger? Hostinger significantly improved their server infrastructure to give you the best experience in blogging.

They have a custom-built Hostinger control panel. It’s a user friendly control panel where you can build your WordPress blog with a single click. Hostinger also has a 24/7 customer support team to help you with your blogging needs.

Now that you have selected a hosting plan you can simply check the availability of your selected blog name with their domain checker and you’re all set!

Before I forget, we have a special 90% discount just for our Woblogger readers. Isn’t that amazing?


Step 4: Install WordPress

As soon as you have your hosting and domain name, you’re almost done with the blog setup.

I’ll share with you how you can easily start your blog with WordPress with Hostinger as your hosting provider.

Automatic Installation

  • Login to hPanel and go to the Website section and find Auto Installer.
  • Select the WordPress icon, complete the needed fields, then Install.
how to install wordpress with hostinger
Hostinger WordPress Installation Wizard

Easy right? Just by going to the Actions field within the List of Installed Applications, you can login to access your WordPress admin dashboard and start crafting your blog.

Themes and Plugins

This is the part where you select the appearance of your blog. Choose a WordPress theme from their wide selection of themes. Some prefers it to be simple and some choose to really stand out. You can do this by going to the Appearance section.

themes wordpress dashboard
WordPress Themes

WordPress plugins on the other hand helps you in adding more functionality to your blog. They are free to use and are really helpful too! The necessary plugins for you to use are: Jetpack, Akismet Anti-Spam, and Yoast SEO. All these are useful for SEO optimization, performance, security, and more.

You can get these free from the Plugins section.

plugins wordpress dashboard
WordPress Plugins

Step 5: Publish content and grow

At last! You’re now ready to create some content. You start off by creating Pages to add more on it like an About page, a Contact page, etc. Pages are great to sort out relevant details.

pages wordpress dashboard

It helps in a way that your readers know where to go for them to find a specific information they need from your blog.

Of course, a Menu would be necessary for easier navigation. Just go back to your Dashboard and find Appearance and then Menu. You can now add and create menu titles for the pages that you made.

As soon as you’re done in setting up your blog pages and menu. You can now start creating Posts. This will be the busiest part of your dashboard since all new content that will be added to your blog are created and found here.

posts wordpress dashboard

In creating your first blog post, go to your Dashboard and under the Post section select the Add New menu. You will see an editor to add a new post. You’ll then be asked to give your post a Title and you can begin writing your very first blog post!

When you’re done writing, you can now make it available for the world to see by clicking on the Publish button.

You have an option to save it as draft first if you feel the need to make some more changes to your post by selecting Save Draft. You can also see how it will look like when published by clicking on the Preview button.

publishing a post

As you go along, you may see other information that may help you in organizing your blog posts. There is a section called Categories and Tags. This part can be seen when creating a post. The main purpose of these two is to sort your content.

They are often mixed-up and sometimes confusing, so let me help you with that.

Categories are there to generally group your posts. It serves as the table of contents of your blog. It helps readers to know where to find the correct type of topic they’re interested in. Categories are also hierarchical, which allows you to add a sub-category.

Categories is a must-have in any post. You can go without a tag but you always need to add a Category. If you don’t put a post in one, it will fall under uncategorized which is harder to find. It’s optimal to have at least 5 categories that has updated posts rather than having a dozen categories with few posts.

Tags are there to handle the little details of your blog post. It’s not a requirement to add it to your post but it is something that can be used for indexing specific details about your posts content.

Finally, you’re ready!

Told you it would be tricky to start a blog. But since you reached this far, I bet you can start creating that blog of yours as easy as pie! You do need some effort and creativity but believe me, it is worth it!

Remember to take advantage of that Woblogger readers 90% discount with our best affordable web hosting provider Hostinger!

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  1. A blog is an excellent tool for:

    -Your digital CV
    -Get feedback on your ideas
    -Build a community around your passion
    -Build rapport and establish authority
    -Document your learning & life experiences

    Enjoy the process of blogging because it will be difficult to blog if you are not passionate about the topic. Getting better at blogging can take time, but it will be worth it.

    They say success leaves clues. Pick someone who is successful in your niche and follow the footsteps instead inventing the wheel again.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Hi Nilantha,

    The layout and the font used is very pleasing and easy on the eye. It is easy to see the effort that has gone into the planning and creation of this blog. Would you mind sharing the name of the theme that you have used? Is it free or paid?

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    Might I suggest also the importance of changing your permalink structure. It’s not difficult to do but is really important.

    To do so, from the WordPress Dashboard go to Settings > Permalinks, then choose the setting “Post name”.

    This will put the name of your post as part of your URL for your post.

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